Journey of Sohail Shams CEO UMA Pakistan


Mr. Sohail Shams, CEO of UMA Pakistan, has been through many troubles but overcame every one of them to be where they are now. In 1988 CEO UMA Pakistan Sohail Shams Pakistan got a brilliant idea as he already had an insightful vision and goal in mind. He laid the foundation of UMA (United Marine Agencies) this year, providing efficient services to its customers.

For those who don't know what UMA Pakistan does – It provides efficient and reliable Freight and Shipping Solutions. The company offers services to both local and international clients with complete transparency and efficiency. Led by the charismatic leadership of CEO UMA, Pakistan Sohail Shams has become one of the most successful and competent Shipping solutions company.

Sohail Shams CEO UMA Pakistan made UMA one of the Five Shipping Giants.

It was not the idea that emerged and became the best; it was the hard work of Sohail Shams, CEO of United Marines Agencies. His assiduous behavior and diligent attitude was the only thing that skyrocketed the company within years and became one of the top five most prestigious shipping companies. Sohail Shams CEO UMA Pakistan partnered with renowned companies and left its mark in the industry.

This progress was not overnight but took more than a decade to become a renowned company and has been consistent in its services for the past thirty-three years since its foundation was laid. If Sohail Shams, CEO of United Marine Agencies have not taken the first step, he wouldn't have come this far. The first step is always the most difficult, but Sohail Shams overcame the fear and has now made a name for himself.

The main reason behind starting this company was an increase in trading that demanded a company handle all the operations. Many people wanted to start with the as this industry began to flourish but couldn't do so because of lack of confidence. Still, CEO UMA Pakistan Sohail Shams showed courage and launched his company, and his one bold move has now made a lot of name for him.


CEO UMA Pakistan Sohail Shams as Chairman of Important Associations

All of these achievements were being noticed by associations, and it was the fruit of his efforts that Sohail Shams CEO UMA Pakistan was elected as the Chairman of “All Pakistan Shipping Association” from 2004 to 2007 and was then selected as Chairman for FPCCI in 2007. It has been a fantastic journey for Sohail Shams, CEO of United Marine Agencies, from starting a shipping and freight company and becoming the Chairman of two different and prominent associations.

He has developed permanent relations with Hyundai and many other Marine merchants to deliver the best services to their customers. Under the true leadership of Sohail Shams, UMA has managed to attain this level and also become a specialized service provider to Petroleum importers and the Ministry of Petroleum.


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