The Foresight of CEO UMA Pakistan Sohail Shams in 1988


The vision and hard work of CEO UMA Pakistan Sohail Shams in 1988 was the base on which this highly efficient company came into existence and had been providing the best shipping services in Pakistan. This one Man's efforts took the company from a startup to the list of the top five freight and shipping companies. The ultimate goal of CEO United Marines Agencies Sohail Shams was to create a company to offer an absolute commitment to the customers and offer the best services in the region. He has significantly achieved his goal and is still going on for the past thirty-three years.


The Vision of Sohail Shams CEO UMA Pakistan

In 1988, there was an increased demand for Shipping and Freight companies as the trading from sea routes started flourishing in Pakistan, and people started to import and export containers as it was cost-efficient. But there was a need for a shipping company that can handle all the queries and demands of the public. At this time, Sohail Shams, CEO of United Marines Agencies, stepped in and established a company that we all know as United Marine Agencies. If you were into import and export, you would indeed remember this name as one of the best shipping companies.

But Sohail Shams, CEO of UMA Pakistan, didn't stop here as he has already left his mark in this industry. People were aware of the man's potential that allowed him to become the Chairman of two different associations from the year 2004 to 2007. He has amazing leadership qualities that allowed him to expand his company over the years. And when asked from where he gets his motivation, he said that he gets motivation from Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) as he was the greatest leader the world has ever seen.


Thirty-Three Years’ Experience for CEO United Marines Agencies Sohail Shams

In the thirty-three years from the foundation of UMA Pakistan, CEO of United Marines Agencies Sohail Shams has undergone many great ventures and is now trying to promote entrepreneurship in young children and motivate them to explore different sectors. This is to find the untapped markets that will make them successful in the long run but with sincerity.

In 2016, Sohail Shams CEO UMA Pakistan attempted a great feat by accomplishing 11% of the Shipping market share. This great accomplishment also contributed to the country's economic growth, thus also making him a great patriot. The professionalism and years of brilliant and unchartered services allowed CEO United Marine Agencies Sohail Shams to create an exceptional company image. Due to which local and international traders, merchants, and investors trust their services and efficiency more than any other as UMA has been dominating the shipping industry for the past decade.


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